Following  the previous announcement of change to online conference, which can be accessed here. We glad to inform you the further information regarding the conference.

The conference will be held on 18 July 2020 starting at 8.30 AM – 15.00 PM Western Indonesia Time which is +7 GMT or at 1.30 AM – 8.00 AM UTC time.

The conference and parallel session will be performed using online conference and meeting platform Zoom which can be downloaded here.

For the author and/or presenter, the detailed procedure regarding the online presentation will be sent through registered email soon.

However, aside from the authors and/or presenters, whoever interested to attend the conference shall register to the following link: Or accessed through QR Code on the flyer.

We also like to introduce you to the keynote speakers of the conference as follows:

1. Prof. Dr. Adi Maimun – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

2. Prof. Dr. Serdar Kum – Istanbul Technical University

3. Prof. Dr. Ketut Buda Artana – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember

The keynote speaker will be deliver the general lecture emphasize on improvement and implementation of AIS (Automatic Identification System) to support safe maritime operation across the globe. The detailed topics of the Keynote Speakers can be seen on the flyer or accessed  here.


As the final words we like to encourage the participants to widespread the information regarding this conference to the colleague (academics, professionals, expert, student, etc) so together we can participate to enhance the safety and innovation in the field of maritime safety through this conference.

And last but not least we like to thank all the participants in the MASTIC 2020 conference. Hope you stay safe and healthy despite the unfavorable condition that we all faced. 

For any other inquiries about the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us through or WhatsApp +62 821-4371-7431.

Yours sincerely,

MASTIC 2020 Committee