Greeting from Rector of ITS, Prof. Ir. Joni Hermana,  M.Sc,. Es ,. PhD.

As a maritime country, Indonesia has determined maritime development as one of the top priorities in the country’s development program. Therefore, the issue of safety is one of the main issues, particularly the safety of maritime transportation and safety of the maritime industry.
Ship safety at sea and the safety of maritime industry do not only impact human safety, but it also affect the marine environment, the economy, the fishermen, the maritime based industry, and the impact is likely to be felt for a long time.

Therefore, strategic efforts through research, innovation and technology development in maritime fields, particularly in the field of safety technology will contribute strategically to ensuring operational safety at sea, which will ultimately directly improve the quality of life and overall economic recovery.
Therefore, I strongly support the Maritime Safety  International Conference (MASTIC 2018) as a medium to exchange ideas, information, partnership in an effort to improve academic quality and increase contribution for the nation and state.

I invite the active participation of academic institutions, research institutes, government agencies, maritime industry, manufacturing industry, shipping industry, and all maritime transport safety stakeholders to jointly succeed MASTIC 2018.

Wish you a very fruitful conference !!